Phoenix Africa

Commercialising development in frontier Africa

Phoenix Africa Development Company is dedicated to the reconstruction and development of frontier countries in Africa.


We are building a series of development businesses in the agriculture sector in the most neglected places on the continent. By mobilising international capital for seizing business opportunities in these frontier states, Phoenix Africa aims to become a major force for investing in stability in Africa whilst generating superior returns for our shareholders.


Our first business is Lion Mountains Agrico Ltd, in Sierra Leone. The rest of our pipeline will be announced in due course, please contact us if you wish to be kept informed.


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Lion Mountains Agrico Ltd has been founded to develop the extraordinary agricultural prospects of Sierra Leone: with readily available land of the highest quality and plentiful rainfall, the country offers a very attractive natural endowment with excellent commercial potential. Lion Mountains is a vertically-integrated rice operation and aims to turn Sierra Leone into an agricultural powerhouse.


About Lion Mountains

The goal of Lion Mountains is to develop large-scale commercial agriculture in Sierra Leone, generating superior returns for our shareholders whilst also delivering a profound social impact to our partner communities. We are headquartered in Bo, where our mill is sited, and have a land lease at Senehun in Kamajei Chiefdom. Retail outlets (primarily our network of kiosks) are currently in Bo District and Moyamba District. Lion Mountains buys raw rice from a network of around 3,000 outgrower farmers in Bo District, Moyamba District, Pujehun District and Tonkolili District.

Lion Mountains has developed excellent community relations and enjoys high levels of support among all stakeholders, from President Koroma downwards.

The company is led on the ground by Managing Director Mike Gericke, who brings over 40 years of experience of farming in Africa. 

We are strongly committed to the prosperity of Sierra Leone and aim to return the country to being a net exporter of rice, as it was many years ago. The natural endowment offers excellent potential for commercial agricultural production and wealth creation.

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